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Looking at the Rocket you’d be forgiven for thinking we all need to be able to do a handstand or the splits to come to this class but that’s not really what's going on underneath the poses...


The Rocket practice includes methods from pilates and gymnastics to give us all the tools to work towards these poses - and that’s the real philosophy - to notice what our own bodies and minds can do when we learn to bring them into one focus. Think of it as, ‘What do I want that I don’t have?’ and know that you can learn any keys or tools to get there.

Dynamic in style and one of the most playful methods of practicing yoga, the Rocket was created by Larry Shulz and named by Bobby Weir of the Grateful Dead.  Based on the system of Ashtanga, the Rocket brings in the arm balances and inversions of the later Ashtanga series.


A truly open level and accessible practice for all, the key teachings are to just try and see what your body can do and that falling (safely - which I will teach you!) means you are just trying hard - there is always lot of laughter in this class! 

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