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We can only start from where we are, I’ll meet you in that place.

Just recently, I found out from my teenager that the acronym TL;DR means Too Long; Didn’t Read. With that slightly frightening understanding, here’s just a little insight into taking classes with me.

​​Starting anything new can feel daunting, but one unifying feature of yoga is that we’ve all had our first downward dog experience!

There’s a phrase ‘stay in yoga’ – it means be compassionate to yourself and others, trust that we are all doing our best with the knowledge we have. We can only start from where we are, so I’ll meet you in that place.

My classes have a structure, a way of moving until you feel the lines of your body in poses bring the same order to your mind and emotions. It all comes back to the way we breathe as we move, that’s the magic.

​The last ten years of teaching and training have been nothing short of incredible. I want to bring what I’ve learned to The Dreaming Moon and make a supportive, joyful, healing place that feels like your second home.

There’s always music when I teach, atmospheric and moving with the energy of your practice.

I’m just a guide, here to facilitate, it’s you who shows up to become stronger and happier each time.

I’ve had to work hard on myself to get here, so I know the journey very well. Feedback from students is that it’s as though I’m in their process with them, like I know how they feel in that moment.

I laugh a lot too, so while we do the work there will always be a lightness to it, and there’s always joy in the room.


We’re really looking forward to seeing other teachers and healers flourish in this space too.  When we collectively bring our unique magic and knowledge to our communities in a harmonious way, it ripples outwards and everyone feels the benefits.

We welcome other yoga teachers, dance teachers, breath-work facilitators, space holders of all kinds, healers, chanting, Cacao circles, medicine folk, sound healings, card readers – we want to cherish everyone!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!

Nicola x


11 years yoga teaching experience, creating workshops and collaborating in ceremonies. Experience with working on international teacher trainings. I love supporting and mentoring new yoga teachers.

500hrs Registered Yoga Teacher certified with The Yoga People

Cacao Facilitator, certified with Intuah Create, Carlos Mundalah & Michelle Mayoora

200hrs Mandala Vinyasa & The Elements (trained by Dulce Aguilar)

200hrs Heated Vinyasa Flow and Hot Series Yoga

200hrs Ashtanga Primary Series and the Rocket

100hrs  Yin Yoga 


Custom designed and built by Seb Lupton at Sussex Crafted Ltd.


Let’s Work Together

I'd love to hear from you about any collaborations, please drop me a message x

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