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I've tried to cover all the questions I've been asked in studios ... hopefully this helps!


1. Are you new to yoga?

Instagram makes yoga look almost unachievable at times. Really, yoga is an ancient practice about bringing you back to you - that means making you more at home in your body and mind.  You will only ever go at your own pace.  In terms of your classes, maybe don’t eat loads in the hour before coming because it will feel uncomfortable when you move or lie down on your stomach, a snack and some water is good, I eat something like a banana myself.


2. What will yoga do for me?

In the West, we tend to see yoga portrayed as physical poses.  Yoga comes from the East and is actually a full ‘8 limbed’ philosophical system for living. It’s totally fine to start with the movement or ‘asana’ limb and you’ll gradually feel your body open with greater mobility and strength.  You’ll feel more confident, peaceful, find your inner strength and you can be part of a community too. Over time you'll likely explore the other 7 branches or limbs that relate to our consciousness, commiunity and humanity.  It’s undeniably beautiful to uncover and will enrich all aspects of your life.


3. Do I need to be well hydrated?

Our space is warm for comfort but it’s not hot yoga. Bodies definitely move more easily and with greater energy if they are hydrated.  I'd recommend 7-8 glasses of water a day, you're welcome to bring a water bottle and I'd say to have sips rather than a full bottle during class for ease of movement reasons.


4. Will yoga help me lose weight?

Let’s get this out of the way.  Often the first question I’m asked is, 'Will yoga help me lose weight?'  Weight is a hugely personal, triggering and worrisome thing for a lot of people.   I’m no weight loss expert, nor will you ever hear me mention weight or how you look in a pose because I'm only looking to make sure you're 'feeling' it in the right place.  I can say with some certainty that as part of any careful and advised weight loss programme that movement helps. With time, yoga can become a strong movement practice that is genuinely for everyone.  It’s worth remembering that muscle weighs more too.   Truly, it might help to consider yoga more from a place of holistic wellbeing, yoga has a gradual effect of helping us to make better life choices in general simply because moving your body makes you feel good.

5. Are your classes of mixed groups?

The word yoga itself means union, bringing together.  For me, offering a space that welcomes everyone inclusively so that we can learn from each other is important for the way that I teach.  There are also teachers who offer specifically tailored classes for individual genders and groups and people who are exploring their identities and these classes are very necessary too, these classes and teachers would be fully welcomed.


6. Do I need specific yoga clothing to wear?

Most people like to wear light weight clothing like leggings or very light stretchy trousers with a vest, T or bra style top that stays in place when doing a Downward Dog but hey, whatever goes!  Mainly, just be comfortable … sweats or tracksuits will be a bit heavy.  Socks can make you slip and slipping isn’t going to help your practice, aim for bare feet.


7. Will you 'physically adjust' me in my yoga poses?

A traditional part of yoga had the teacher use their hands or their body weight to help ‘deepen’ a student’s pose.  I’ve never really been comfortable doing this.   I’m more likely to offer you support in a balance or inversion or I might ask you to push your fingers or foot into my hand yourself - this would be to encourage you to find your own muscle activation.  I’ll ask you first if I don’t know you, or you can ask me to help you.

8. There are lots of pricing packages - what one is right for me?

All of the pricing is structured to make yoga as accessible for people as possible, that is why there are options for memberships that take the cost per class right down and give access to both in studio and online access, in return for a longer commitment.  Please note, the online library will gradually grow as we run the classes, meaning that the content will be created as classes are taught with some but not all classes being filmed, using the camera built into the studio with mainly the teacher in shot. If you are financially unable to access yoga  and feel that you need it, then please contact me so we can talk about how to ensure you can practice.


9. Why would I pay for just yoga when I can join a leisure centre?

People sometimes ask why yoga costs what it does.  There is a huge disparity in yoga teacher trainings.  Quality yoga teacher-trainings cost thousands of pounds and can take years to develop to a higher level with one yoga school overseeing you.  A good yoga teacher maintains their self practice, attends classes themselves and will also be in continuous developmental training.  They will often be teaching in a physically demanding way many times a week, ensuring individual attention  whilst knowing and accommodating each student’s unique movements and challenges.  Skilled yoga teachers are consistently focussed on the student's needs, always trying to find ways to connect them back to themselves.  They can offer multiple variations of a pose to suit ability and anatomy and teach 'off the mat' enabling them to move round the room.   All of this is very different to being in a large gym class.  Advanced poses in yoga require an experienced teacher who can also do the poses and safely support you.  Caveat: nothing against gyms - I love the gym - each has their own benefits.


10. Why don't you offer free trial classes?

Different spaces and teachers will offer different trials - some free and some discounted.  From years of teaching in studios I have found the best return for self-investment is in a low cost 30 days join up offer, as it allows the student to try all the different classes on offer throughout an entire month and also allows them to get to know the teacher(s).  When things are free research shows they are valued less.  Investing in yourself starts from day one.


11. How do you accept payment?

You can pay for Nicola Glenn Yoga classes online via our secure website which is the preferred method.  If you prefer to be offline, please contact me so you can go through the sign up process for insurance and emergency contact reasons and then we can work out a cash payment method before you attend.


12. Why do I have to sign up as a new student and go through registration?

We require that all students of Nicola Glenn Yoga register via the website and sign the online waiver form before attending class. No student will be admitted to class without this sign up - you only need to do this process once.  This ensures both teacher and student are covered for health and insurance reasons.  Sign up includes your subscription to our newsletter giving you priority access to all seasonal pop up offers, discounts and events first - it’s worth it for the savings alone although of course, it's totally your choice to unsubscribe.


13. Would you like to teach here and have a space throughout the seasons and be supported in your business?

We cannot wait to have more teachers here, you are absolutely welcome to come and have a look around if you want to hire the space for your own groups or classes, yoga included - in fact we’d love you to!   You may also be looking to showcase your art, craftsmanship, run workshops, trainings or ceremonies.  The backdrop, overhead and mood lighting has also been created to work for photoshoots and of course you can use part of the garden too, please bear with me as I continue to work on the garden!  We regret that we cannot hang anything on the walls.


14. Can I please use your mats and equipment?

We have some mats that you can borrow and some mat cleaner too in the space. Please make use of the studio bolsters, yoga straps and blocks as they are there for you to enjoy.  Spray and cloths are provided, we just wipe anything we use so it's ready for the next class.  Teachers, please check your students use the equipment and take care of it too.


15. I feel like I am too old and inflexible, I also have an injury ... can I still come?

We welcome everyone and every body, yoga can help all of us at all stages of our lives, let's be open to new possibilities!  We want you to feel safe in your practice, so please tell your teacher before class starts if you are working with any injuries, challenges or health conditions that need extra care or support, as we want to offer advice and modifications.  If you feel you became injured during your yoga practice, talk to your teacher who may be able to work out what happened and advise both recovery and future avoidance. Our body awareness is something that develops over time and movement of any kind does sometimes bring slight injuries as we gain range and muscle - it's a normal process.  As long as we know we can get you the support you need or signpost you.


16. Can I practice yoga if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, congratulations!  During the first trimester we advise less or no practice, although this is truly a personal choice I would err on the side of caution, particularly if yoga is new to you as hormones and tiredness are telling you to rest while your baby implants safely.  Pregnancy is not a one size fits all approach - know your unique experience.  The second and third trimesters are deemed to be safer, and truthfully you will know the poses that feel comfortable for you personally, or you may opt to attend pregnancy specific classes.   Please be aware I am not trained in pregnancy yoga but I am insured to teach you if you've had the go ahead from your GP.   


17. Should I wear trainers to yoga?

The flooring has been carefully chosen for you to support a traditional bare foot practice which strengthens our feet and bones as well as connects us to the earth.  Keeping the floor clean and free of dirt is a sign of respect for the traditions of yoga so always keep and leave your shoes either on the mat inside or in the porch entrance. Coats and bags can of course come inside.


18. Is your studio easy to access and park at?

We are a 10 minute walk from Lancing mainline station, on the Pulse bus routes (Sompting Road) and also have free road parking.  Please park mindfully for our neighbours as this is a lovely and peaceful residential area.  Bikes can be brought into the garden for safety.


19. Do you have toilets I can use?

For everyday hour long classes you may not use the private house facilities or toilets.  Children live in the family home and are sometimes here during weekdays too. 

It is also disruptive for other students for me to take you into my home during class.

Please arrive fully ready f for your practice.

20. Why must I have my phone or watch on silent in class?

Hopefully you want to come and have a lovely, peaceful practice here and part of any teacher or healer's role is to make sure you leave class more at peace than when you arrived.  To help this, please put phones and fitness/smart watches on silent for both yourself and others in the room, for some people this might be the only peaceful moment in their week.  After class, of course you can take photos of your practice and film yourself, this would make me so happy to see!  My friends and I have often done that, it’s fun to make memories!  We would love to be tagged @thedreamingmoon_lancing


21. How can I be part of the yoga community here?

It's my experience that if we come to class a few minutes before and stay a few minutes after, we can make new friends and build our community.  Some classes run back to back, usually 15 minutes is allowed either side to help teachers set up and leave.  I am a chatter! So all we need to do is leave the space itself free for the next class and we can chat and get to know each other in seated pergola by the studio.


22. What does the space include on the premises?

Nicola Glenn Yoga T/A Higher Power Arts is the business registered to this address.  The studio space is called The Dreaming Moon.  Access to The Dreaming Moon space and garden is secure and locked once class starts and on your departure.  Your teacher or host will let you in and out.  The house is private to the family. 

23. Help! ​I think I left my stuff behind! 

I will happily keep items safe in my house for a month, after which they’ll be donated to charity.  We don’t have enough storage space to keep mats here so please take care of your belongings.  The premises are locked on class entry and between classes so it is my dearest hope that no one has any items stolen while they practice, hence you may keep a small bag/phone etc inside the room with you.  Send me an email at to let me know what you left.

24. Booking, rescheduling and cancellations.

Please be aware of the 12 hour policy for each of the above.  Late cancels or no shows incur the cost of the class. If I have to cancel the class then the credit is issued back to you.


Above all, just enjoy your own time here and your practice, I’m always on hand for any questions that arise.


Peace and thankyou

Nicola x

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