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A Full Moon Retreat

Part 2


On Sunday 21st July we have a full moon in Capricorn and our next

retreat with Nicky North.

Sunday 21st July

9.30am - 12.30pm



Review and Reconnect: Part Two 

A sacred pause to review your intentions set at the beginning of the year and reconnect to your vision.

The first part of this ceremony was held on new years day where we created our vision boards for the next 6 months.  Nicky North @allpointsnorth will join us again.


When we work with manifesting and creating vision boards the intention is to gain focus and clarity in our present and future lives.  There are tools and a process to help us to actively make things happen for us.  

The more we work with this process and these tools, the more we develop insights of what works and what creates blocks.

Manifesting has become a buzz word with both positive and negative associations. Nicky and I will make this process as simple and effective as possible, helping you to reach your goals in an enjoyable and effortless way.

This ceremony is open to those of you who joined last time as well as anyone who is ready to  step into a new life of their own creation.

Sometimes the things we think we want to manifest don’t come to fruition because they were not meant to, perhaps they would have got in the way of a bigger or better plan for us. So now we have an opportunity to learn from before, review and refine our focus.


  • Heart Opening Yin Yoga

  • Rose Tea Ritual with Nicky North

  • Journaling and Vision Board Creation

  • Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls 

  • Guidance with divination, manifesting and spellwork

Start collecting your images, words, cut outs, pull outs and/or magazines that best help you to illustrate and visualise your dreams and goals. 

This process will help you to refine and sharpen your aims in life before we meet on the day to start creating your vision board.

Love always, Nicola & Nicky xx

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